Scenes from 2020

Here are some scenes of the summer. The 50th shot is one of Nora attending second grade remotely with Sam as an observer. The next-to-last group includes a couple photos of the pink piano stand I built for Maeve (from an abandoned desk drawer turned upside-down) after she saw what I had built for our…


Neowise, July 2020 — (On a Mac, Control-Click an image to see an enlargement and then zoom from there.) Hale-Bopp, March 1995

Insane Asylum

A friend recently posted on Facebook a post card depicting the Eastern Maine Insane Asylum in the early 1900s. The utter size of the institution was astonishing. As late as the 1970s it was still called Bangor Mental Health Institute, and many of the buildings depicted were still occupied by the then-mentally ill. The point…

Bread Recipes

Here is a one-page PDF with the bread recipes we make most often in the Breadman Ultimate Plus.  It’s our second Breadman machine.  We wore one out over about ten years.  We’ve had this one for about five so far.  The corn bread loaf is the one we do most of the time. The one…

Model Railroads in Maine

Some pieces in my collection… Same case with a different arrangement of equipment. One of the two actual builder plates from Illinois Central 2-8-2 #1944, (someone else did the paint job before me). I also am preparing to create an outdoor railroad (1:20.3 scale) with these locomotives.  The Sandy River model is a live steamer…

Christmas Decorations 2017

Beth and I enjoyed ourselves for a couple of days setting up a village on a shelf at eye level and adding lights across the bench-level shelf.  This is in our large back living room.  There is probably less than 100 watts in all the decorations put together including the tree.  We’ve had most of…

Quiet Pool

Poolside, 10 Penny Lane, 16 September 2017, at dusk. A shot glass of maple syrup rests on the driftwood bench.

Eagle Lake & West Branch

Golden Key Senior Center trip to the Allagash locomotives, July 8, 2017.  Emma Ireland, Jim Whitney, Bear Nadeau, Tonya Sutherland, and Adria Drinkwater with Matt, Courtney, Alexis, and Logan.  David Woodbury, guide.  

Blow-down at Camp

A really big wind took some trees down along the shore of Ambajejus Lake.