Bread Recipes

Here is a one-page PDF with the bread recipes we make most often in the Breadman Ultimate Plus.  It’s our second Breadman machine.  We wore one out over about ten years.  We’ve had this one for about five so far.  The corn bread loaf is the one we do most of the time.

The one listed as cornbuck bread is newly developed.  I took a chance and put in almost two cups of non-wheat flour (cornmeal and buckwheat) against three cups of bread flour — too much of the good stuff and it won’t rise.  I thought it wouldn’t rise very high so I felt free to increase the proportions of everything, expecting a dense loaf.  Well, it rose tall and proud — (see photo).  That may be a new favorite.  I did it with corn syrup but I’ll do the next one with molasses to see what it tastes like.  Or maple syrup, but I think I’d double that and back off a little water.

I use the Bouchard’s buckwheat flour that they sell at Hannaford in the gray bags.

We also use Bouchard’s buckwheat ployes mix to make waffles, by the way.  It’s in the tan bag with green banner. Just the same proportions as it calls for on the bag to make ployes on the griddle — four parts water to three parts ployes mix but pour it in the waffle iron instead.  Thaw some frozen raspberries the night before to spread on top, add maple syrup…  The ployes waffles start out crisp but get soft after a few minutes.  We like them anyway.

I also have used the bread machine to make dough that I baked off in the oven — pizza dough for instance.  And then there was one time when I made white dough, then after the second rise I spread it out, basted it with olive oil, laid some pepperoni and salami and chopped green olives on it, rolled it up, and baked it off in the oven as a loaf.

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